Read this rule before posting!



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    Read this rule before posting!

    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:54 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Please let us thank you for joining the community of Kozumi!. To make this community even better, we have some simple rules to follow. These rules were created to make each experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

    All members must follow and enforce these rules, including regular members, moderators and administrators.

    General Board Rules

    # 1. Please respect the rules of the forum and community members. Disrespecting other members will receive a warning or block your account.

    # 2. Members who doesn't obey the forum rules will be warned or blocked depending on what the moderator or administrator considers appropriate.

    # 3. New rules can be added or old can be changed at any time. These changes will appear here and you are responsible for being aware of these.

    Rules For Writing

    # 1. All messages must be sent to the relevant forum. Messages posted to other forums will be removed.

    # 2. The titles of the messages should be descriptive. For example, a good title is "Question about Mail Server Configuration" and an inappropriate title would be "Help me." Messages with non-descriptive titles will be deleted without explanation.

    # 3. In the titles of the messages is not allowed to shout or write in CAPITAL LETTERS. Do not send messages like "Please help !!!". These messages will be deleted.

    # 4. No re-send the same questions in different categories. It will send warning messages and removed afterwards.

    # 5. The content of the messages can't be explicit, offensive or shocking, unless they are sent in an educational sense. (no spam advertising of any kind is allowed)

    # 6. Sending messages on account confirmation emails are not allowed. Please contact the support team if you do not receive the confirmation email account.

    # 7. Sending messages about web pages that can not access is not allowed. If you believe that site is inactive, please contact the support team.

    # 8. All messages in this Forum should be in Spanish or english, messages in other languages will be removed.

    Rules of the Private Message

    # 1. Is not permitted to send private messages for help to any member of the administrative group. Please list all of your questions in the forum, or use the support form (in the Control Panel). Sending these emails to administrators via private way will cause a warning and possible block your account.

    Warning System:

    # 1. All members (including administrators and moderators) will receive a warning after violating any of the above rules. 3 warnings will automatic cancel your account.

    Thanks for your attention and enjoy your time in this forum,

    Support Team Kozumi

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