Kozumi freezings, QoS and Remote Log Server


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    Kozumi freezings, QoS and Remote Log Server

    Post  AinSoph on Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:27 am

    Hi everybody!

    I have got an Air Force One2 V3 configured as gateway for a domestic wireless network. Wan Port is configured with PPPoE settings and is connected to a D-Link 2640T modem in Bridge/LLC mode. It is also linked in WDS mode with a TP-Link router so as to extend the wireless network. The DHCP is in server mode. I have also configured Watchdog to ping Google IP address at every ten minutes to check connection and reboot at the third fail count. QoS is also enabled and router time is updated using one of the pre-defined time servers. Firewall is not being used.

    Last night everything was alright. In the morning however, the Wireless signal disappeared even though the routher was on. Apparently it freezed. I plugged it out of the power outlet so as to restart it and then it functioned properly.

    With regard to this issue, I have some questions:

    1) Which are the possible causes of the freezing?
    2) Are there any tips to avoid new occurrences?
    3) Which is the most stable firmware version?

    I also would like to know how the QoS algorithm works or distributes bandwidth among different clientes associated with the router. There isn't an effective explanation at the user guide.

    With regard to the remote log server, is there any web service available for free or for a small fee? I would like use a third party remote log server. Are there any beta or modified/improved versions of AFO2 V3 firmware which logs the internal IP address associated with a give MAC client?

    Kind regards.

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