KT-100 General issues



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    KT-100 General issues

    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:24 pm

    * No video

    Check the video resolution supported by your monitor and which is configured their KT-100 for this we can push the button on the remote control "Resolution" and check what kind of resolution this computer.

    * The PIP (Picture and Picture) shakes

    This function may fail in case we have configured video resolutions in both the PC and on the KT-100, such as PIP works only connected to a PC it must have a resolution of 800x600 and the tuner must also be configured on the same resolution to properly display this.

    * Remote control not working

    At first make sure the batteries are charging, then you can see if your control works by pointing the IR sensor of the same to any camera (digital camera photos, camera phones, webcams) to show us the same press a button for it if turn on IR or not.

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